Who we are

We have been protecting cats for over 15 years.

We have dedicated our efforts, our money and our affection to the rescue, recovery and placement for adoption of countless small felines.

We protect all animals, human and non-human, domestic and wild, because above all we defend and protect Life.

It is everyone’s duty to evolve, have compassion and protect all fragile, defenseless beings who are mistreated and suffer.

We fight for all those who have no voice, those who are afraid, those who are hungry, those who have nothing.

Whether it’s an abandoned, injured or sick cat or dog, a victim of domestic violence, a child or an elderly person.

We are indifferent to species, age, sex or religion.


All kinds of cats have passed through our lives and through our hands:

of all ages and health or behavioral conditions.

Newborns, babies, teenagers, adults, seniors.

Docile, fearful, shy, confident, mellow, traumatized.

Healthy, sick, very sick, irrecoverably ill

Those who were born on the street and never had a home, the abandoned, those who lost their home due to illness or death of their “safe haven

A knowledge made of experience.

Our experience, combined with a natural interest in research on animal behavior and veterinary issues, has provided us with some knowledge and a certain “clinical eye” to detect whether a cat is comfortable and healthy, with normal and appropriate behavior, or if he needs any special care, either in terms of daily treatment or veterinary intervention.

Respect, love and protect!

Great men in history, from Darwin to Da Vinci, from Galileo to Emile Zola, have always asked for respect for animals:

“Compassion towards animals is one of the noblest virtues of human nature” – Charles Darwin

“The fate of animals is much more important to me than the fear of looking ridiculous” – Emile Zola

“The day will come when every man will know the inside of an animal.

On that day, every crime against the animal will be a crime against humanity.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Let us remember, therefore, that “Humans are not the only animals that try to survive every day. Nobody can be forced to love animals… but we can all demand respect for their precious lives”

We are always “here” for you

We do not close our door to you when “our” furry ones go home.

As tutors and protectors, we understand your concern and the love you have for your cat. We are always just a phone call away to help with any questions, concerns or difficult times.

If we can’t help technically, our cats’ best friend and our partner, the veterinarian Dr. Carla Cosmelli Guerra is also just a phone call away from us.

To help understand cats, we have our own blog, with advice and useful information for tutors, whether experienced or “first-time cat owners”.

Our Concept

Gataia was born as a concept that goes beyond excellent accommodation for cats.

Everything was created from scratch to go far beyond a hotel for cats.

For this reason, no national or international cat hotel was visited, so that there was no risk of “contaminating” the basic idea, with the creation of the space focusing only on the search for a perfect place for both health and well-being of the cat.

Gataia had to be clinically appropriate:

disinfectable and with protection against cross contamination, designed for the behavior and preference of the cat.

It had to be “approved” by veterinarians, guardians… and cats.

The whole space has air purifying, air renewal, climate control, quiet ambient music and total absence of stress.

Stress is a cat’s worst enemy, as it lowers his immune defenses.

That’s why the accommodation is exclusively for cats and at gataia tranquility prevails


Gataia is born to change the cat housing philosophy:
that it should be comfortable, safe and escape-proof, hygienic, stress-free and respectful of the unique personality of each little cat.

The creation of the Gataia CatHotel, more than a hotel a real CatResort, was a natural consequence of the love for cats and the recognition of how the lack of specialized equipment in the accommodation of cats worries tutors who want to go on vacation , who have to be away on work, or have to move house or do remodeling and need a safe and comfortable place for their cat to spend a peaceful stay.

Don’t trust us. Trust your eyes!

Full access to all cameras is reserved for the Gataia team so that we can monitor in real time everything that happens with “our” little cats.

For the guardians’ peace of mind, the application to access our surveillance circuit is installed on the tutor’s cell phone, which has permanent and real-time access to the internet camera in the suite where your kitten is staying, anywhere in the world and at any time, as the cameras have infrared night vision. The application can be installed on Android or iPhone, but also on a tablet.

We understand the cat.

Each one has its own personality and rhythm, which must be respected. Precisely for that reason, the cat that comes to us when he feels calm and prepared. We give him the time and space he needs to understand that he’s protected and safe.

We do not impose on the cat any physical contact with which he is not yet comfortable.

But this is also a “professional defect” of those who often spend many months gaining the trust of homeless or abandoned animals, in order to be able to rescue and treat them.

When the kitten calms down, he has all the affection from us and we make gataia his second home.

As a rule, “our” cats calm down after 24 to 48 hours, depending on their personality.


Their safety is a priority.
Our facilities are escape-proof, disinfectable and with air-purifying devices.

Our Values

We are Animal Protectors and defenders of Animal Rights.

We always fight for the preservation of the only Planet we have, the home to all of us, because
we all have to understand the famous sentence: “There is no Planet B”.

Animals are our priority.
We understand that you love your pet and want the best for him.

We exist to protect animals, to rescue them, to recover them, to provide them with comfort and a happy life, but also to give all the sympathy and the best advice and support to the best tutors in the world.

Eradicating violence against animals is protecting Society and people.

The reality of animals around the world is extremely cruel.

Most animals on our planet face the risk of extinction due to greed or sheer evil. Whether domestic, livestock or wild animals, Human Beings continue to feel entitled to use animals to their advantage, or to vent their frustrations on them.

Crimes against animals have long been considered by the FBI to be crimes against society, and it is proven by “profilers” (experts in the mind and behavior of dangerous criminals) that all the most dangerous delinquents and serial killers started with cruelty and killings of small animals.

Remember that anyone who mistreats an animal also mistreats people: the neighbor who beats the dog can at any moment also beat you. That’s why it’s important to report deviant and violent behavior against animals. By doing so you are protecting yourself, your family, friends and neighbors.


Always protect and protect all!

We will always continue to protect all cats:
yours, ours, the homeless and the abandoned.
Because they are all “ours” and they all leave footprints in our heart.

Our Mission

We are all animals!

For Humans (since we are bipedal animals of the mammalian class), who think they are superior to all other animals, our message is simple: “our” superiority brings us the responsibility of caring for the weakest, for the sick and for the undefended.

Regardless of the species.


We want to make respect for animals a national reality.

No one is forced to love animals, but we should all have respect for their precious lives.

There are no lives better than others. There is only life!

We lend a hand to all who need us, human and non-human.

We want “our” kittens to be “Happy Cats”!

May the homeless and abandoned find loving and lifelong homes.

May the sick, injured, elderly, physically handicapped and traumatized be especially protected.

May Animal Rights become ever stronger and an Universal reality.

We take care of your cat as if he was our own!

We want our guests to spend a peaceful, stress-free and loving holiday. May they return home serene and may they return to gataia as if we were their second home.

And may the sweetest tutors in the world be able to spend their holidays or business trips with the peace of mind of knowing they are safe and loved.

Always continue to love and protect animals!

Far beyond providing excellent accommodation for cats, gataia was born to pursue cats’ protection and fight for all animals’ rights, both human and non-human.

In gataia’s own blog there is a place for education and awareness articles.