FAQs gataia

– Yes, your kitten will adapt to the hotel, but at his own pace. Each kitten has their own personality, ranging from confident and sociable to shy, fearful, or outgoing. Generally, during their first stay at Gataia, it takes around 24 to 48 hours for your kitten to settle down and realize they are in a safe environment. Subsequent stays are much more peaceful because kittens have memory (contrary to what is often said) and recognize the space they already perceive as secure. It’s not by chance that all suites at Gataia are identical: we never know which suite will be available, so the kitten can be placed in any suite because the environment is always the same.

– Felines are known to be territorial, but that doesn’t mean they need a large territory. On the contrary, the larger the unfamiliar territory, the greater the feeling of insecurity and fear, leading to higher levels of stress and disorientation. The suites at Gataia CatHotel are spacious enough for the kitten to be comfortable yet small enough for quick territorial recognition and to gain confidence in the environment. This feeling of insecurity in the face of a large unknown territory is experienced in any situation, not just during a hotel stay. Therefore, when the animal enters a new unfamiliar home (such as moving to a new house, going on vacation for the first time, or being adopted), it should be confined to one room until it feels confident. Then, it can gradually explore the rest of the house, knowing it has a safe haven to retreat to if something startles it. Otherwise, the kitten may become disoriented and panicked.

– Yes, all “our” kittens are pampered, but they decide when they are ready for physical contact and cuddles. For a kitten that is not yet confident, forcing physical contact only causes fear and stress. Stress is the worst enemy of a cat as it weakens the immune system. Until they gain confidence, we show them that no one will harm them and that they can feel safe. We talk to them, offer treats and wet food every night, extend our hand for them to sniff, and assess if they are ready for the first cuddle. From there, they receive all our love, kisses, and affection… and they are ready to start exploring the hotel with us.

– No, as long as the kitten adapts to the new environment normally, it won’t always be kept in a closed space. It is possible that a kitten may be so timid and fearful that it never wants to leave its suite, where it feels safe. However, typically after 48 hours, they can start venturing out of the suite and exploring the hotel corridor and our reception area.

– No, the Gataia CatHotel is escape-proof, with multiple security doors.

– No, only kittens from the same family stay together. The suites are designed to prevent direct visual contact between cats that have never seen each other or are unfamiliar. However, even kittens known for not liking other cats often become accustomed to seeing other kittens shortly after they are ready to explore the hotel. Some even make friends. However, these friendships are always allowed only through closed glass doors.

– As a rule, Gataia CatHotel does not accept non-neutered cats after the age of 6 or 7 months. It is recommended to have cats neutered (both males and females) before their first heat, which usually occurs around 6 months of age.

– Cats MUST be vaccinated: juveniles at least with the first vaccine, adults with vaccination that does not exceed three years of validity. Despite Gataia being completely disinfectable and disinfected between kitten stays, and with air purifiers to prevent airborne cross-contamination, an unvaccinated cat or one with significantly delayed vaccines is always more susceptible to potential illnesses such as the common cold. The vaccination status is recorded in the admission form, and guardians are informed about the increased vulnerability of an unvaccinated kitten.

– At Gataia, we have everything necessary to comfortably accommodate your cat, so… just bring your cat (properly protected in a carrier). We recommend bringing an unwashed piece of your clothing to place in the bed or a blanket with your cat’s scent. If your cat is on a special diet, we offer the option of a stay without food, especially since Gataia accepts sick and medicated cats who usually eat veterinary diets. While your cat is adjusting to the hotel, the carrier remains inside the suite without the door, so it can serve as a den (even if your cat doesn’t like the carrier at home, they usually recognize it as an object from home and may use it as a hiding spot until they feel confident). Once the cat becomes calm and starts sleeping in the bed without returning to the carrier, it is removed to provide more space.

– Yes, we accept sick and medicated cats, but only in situations that are already being controlled by a veterinarian and only if the cats allow strangers to treat them. For medicated cats, an additional five euros per day is added to the normal rate. In the event that the cat does not temporarily allow treatment during the adaptation period, Gataia CatHotel seeks assistance from our partner, Dr. Carla Cosmelli Guerra, a veterinarian and owner of CVMI clinic located about 50 meters from our facility. In these situations, the expenses for medication administration or any other necessary treatment are paid directly to the clinic, allowing the owner to include these expenses for tax purposes.

– The name and contact information of the cat’s veterinarian/clinic (whether the cat is sick or healthy) are recorded on the hotel’s registration form, and the cat’s health record is attached to this form. If Gataia deems it necessary for the cat to be seen by a veterinarian (even just to dispel doubts about their health and well-being), our first point of contact is always our partner, Dr. Carla Cosmelli Guerra, a veterinary doctor whom we have been in contact with for 15 years and in whom we have complete trust for the treatment of small felines. She has extensive clinical practice and experience with cats of all temperaments, from the most gentle to the most wary. In the case of sick cats, if deemed relevant by Dr. Carla, the cat’s attending veterinarian will be contacted. The cat’s owner will always be informed about the cat’s health condition, and no animal will be left without immediate veterinary assistance, even if there is only suspicion of discomfort. Due to our extensive experience with small felines of all breeds, as well as homeless or abandoned animals, we know how to read the signs that may indicate that a cat is not feeling well.

– Of course not. During peak seasons (Summer, Christmas and New Year, Carnival, and Easter), reservations should be made well in advance. However, Gataia CatHotel is ideal for those who need to travel frequently (business trips, work-related travel (air and sea personnel, military personnel, tour guides-interpreters, diplomats, security forces, etc.), during home renovations, house moves, illness of the guardians or their family members. In short, it is suitable for all situations where it is necessary to keep your cat safe and comfortable.

In addition to all of this, Gataia CatHotel also provides support for the recovery of cats requiring extended care or medication, geriatric care, traumatic or behavioral rehabilitation, post-operative care (such as after sterilization surgeries), and it is the only hotel that accepts medicated cats.