Happiness for the cat, peace of mind for the owner.


We have been protecting cats for over 15 years

The Hotel para Gatos Premium gataia was born in 2016, in Carcavelos, as the first CatHotel clinically designed for the Cat’s Supreme Well-Being: with surveillance cameras with permanent access to the tutor, disinfectable, for cats only, stress-free and quiet, safe and escape-proof, with background music, climate control and air purifyimg. The concept was born from the wide experience in Cat Protection, homeless or abandoned cats, and in their recovery in terms of health, traumas and behavior. The lack of quality equipment for housing cats, combined with the love for small felines, gave way to a dream... which, with a lot of financial investment, dedication and effort, is today an unavoidable and incomparable reality

Sick and/or medicated cats

Gataia is the ONLY hotel for cats that accepts sick and/or medicated cats. Among our customers, we have diabetic cats, with kidney problems, or with acute or chronic diseases. We care for cats that no longer need to be admitted to a veterinary clinic or hospital, but need quiet accommodation to continue their supportive medication, so often an impossible task at home, with their tutors working all day. Gataia does post-operative recovery, care for diabetic cats, cats being treated for urinary infections, with medication for more complicated kidney situations, in general for all clinical conditions, for prolonged treatment or recovery and that benefit from a controlled nd quiet environment, and with our partner Dr. Carla Cosmelli Guerra, specialised in cats, right next to us.

Traumatic recovery

Cats are extremely sensitive beings. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not know how to deal with a cat, which can lead to traumatic consequences. A cat doesn't forget, but he can recover from trauma. This requires knowledge, but also patience. No one can guarantee that a traumatized cat will fully recover, but when they tell you that there is nothing to be done… think that there is so much that can be done to help them: specific and natural soothing food and treats (generally composed of B vitamins, essential for the Central Nervous System, LTryptophan, an amino acid that is a natural tranquilizer, calming complex of breast milk colostrum), and homeopathic medicines and diffusers that enhance the feeling of security, for example. Don't give up on a cat! You don't give up on a life.

Behavioral recovery

Now here's a Near Impossible Mission. For those who think that a cat can be trained: good luck. A cat is not a dog. What you will manage to do is create a fearful, scared, shy cat. The cat is more like the Human Being than one might think. A cat loses trust in us, and that's the worst thing that can happen to anyone. There are several types of aggression: pure, for which there is very little to do without specific veterinary treatments; and fear, which is the most frequent and adept of “the best defense is a good offense”. Sweet cats can be wild at the vet, in a state of total panic. No promises... depending on the case, we may or may not succeed, it may take more or less time, but we can always try, like a traumatized cat. And sometimes… it's just too much “social” isolation and too much pampering.

New cat/s approach

The cat is territorial, but it doesn't need a large territory. For special situations, such as staying in a hotel, moving house, going to a new home (adoption), a small and safe territory is the most suitable. The greater the unknown territory, the greater the disorientation, the more panic you feel; the more panic, the more disorientation. When adding a new cat, the resident cat will react worse: the owner of the territory, especially if it is dominant, or very fearful. Things can get out of hand if not done right. Future harmony depends on how they are presented. In the gataia, which is a neutral territory, we have had success with calm approaches, some slower than others, but usually the kittens go to their home already in peace process. For these cases, a whole room is needed to make the approximation.

Geriatric and child care

Just like a baby, an elderly cat needs special care. They often have difficulty moving around, some are bedridden (not only because of age, but because of clinical conditions associated with age, with arthrosis and pain), and need more attention. Likewise, a baby kitten needs more care, a safe environment so it doesn't get hurt, careful feeding and adequate socialization, which at the same time gives it affection and a sense of security. It's the time when they learn to play, to be cats, but also to trust humans. For the elderly and babies (weaned) we have special spaces, comfortable but controlled, where they can feel safe, bond with us and still have a space where they move in comfort and safety. All spaces have cameras, for your peace of mind.

365 days a year


Ask us for the values for your kitten's stay

Prices at Hotel gataia vary between €10.00/day and €29.00/day.
Multiple cats and long term stays are priced by budget and not daily rates.

Because there are important variants, the value of accommodation at the gataia hotel is based on your needs.
Only have one kitten, or more than one?
Are you a baby, adult or senior?
Do you have any health complications?
These and other variants influence the value of the stay at the Hotel gataia.
However, you can pre-book and we will contact you.