Tabita hates leaving her home, but at Gataia she feels like she's part of the family. Spectacular space, with the best possible conditions. Mena and João are super attentive and loving, there was never anything missing for Tabita to feel cared for and loved. For the first time in my life I was reassured with a hotel for cats.
My name is Booling, Booboo to my friends. What I love is when my mum goes on vacation. She leaves me with my dear aunts at Gataia and I am totally spoiled.
Gataia is Branquinha's second home. She goes in there, asks her aunts to be petted and she begins to explore everything. She doesn't even see me leaving, and I’m always amazed at how the chubby little one tucks herself in the little bed she adores.
In addition to the excellent facilities, the hotel is clean, but the main factor is that aunts Maria João and Filomena are passionate about cats and this is evident from the very first contact. During all the stays that Naruno had at Gataia, he was always very well treated, I always watched him on the cameras and received videos of him playing frequently and that always made me very calm on my travels. So I only have praise and recommendations. Helder and Karen
In December 2019 I needed to leave the country for 5 days and I needed to leave my 2 cats, Sushi a 4 months old Scotish Fold, and Snowy a 2 and a half months old Scotish Long Hair, in a safe place, where I could be sure nothing would happen to them. I visited Gataia before making a decision and I soon realized that the people there loved their guests as if they were their own. Despite feeling that way, I confess that I left them with a pain in my heart... the first 24 hours, I was always checking the camera to see them, but they were always happy, they ate, played, slept... everything as if they were at their own home. After 5 days I went to pick them up and they were happy. Maria João and Filomena were fantastic, sending photos and videos all the time, but I was really surrendered when I was looking at them on video and Maria João appeared and Sushi rubbed against her legs and gave his belly to some caresses, Sushi is a very reserved cat and that showed me how happy he feels there. Undoubtedly a hotel full of affection
The best hotel to leave your cats. Highly recommend it. There is love, much love for what they do and for every cat that passes there. And this is reflected in the clean and hygienic space and environment. Simple decor and a wonderful scent. Mine love the pampering and attention from their aunts and we are completely relaxed. No worries.
A really special place. I have a diabetic cat, with a tough temper, and Gataia was the only space where he was fine. My cats stayed 15 days at Gataia and I can only thank them. A clean, calm space with a unique energy. In addition, professional service! Thank you Filomena for everything you did for my Sid and specially for Felix!
Thanks for outstanding service and care! Gataia is the best place for our cats when we travel.
After meeting Gataia there is no other place where I can leave my boys! the facilities are excellent and they are super well cared for by people who love animals. The fact that we can "peek" at them virtually also helps a lot to mitigate homesickness. A magnificent experience, without a shadow of a doubt and they themselves are doing well, without any kind of stress. For me (and for them) is the only possible option!
Memecas is already a regular in this fantastic house that Gataia is. He likes staying there so much that I'm beginning to be afraid he wants to stay and live there! The Hotel is wonderful with fantastic conditions and has the added value for us of being able to see our kittens 24 hours a day. Aunts are super attentive and full of love to give! I just leave my cat with them and go on a restful vacation. I strongly recommend this hotel!
The possibility of leaving my cat Marisol in the care of others was something that had always made me apprehensive. But if doubts and hesitations existed, they all quickly dissipated as soon as I entered Gataia. You can see that nothing was left to chance when creating the hotel, as every detail on the space is thought to provide maximum comfort to its guests: a true five star hotel for cats! Filomena and Maria João are very experienced and dedicated hosts, who received us with great affection and who, from the first moment, were available to respond to all the needs that Marisol's condition demanded. In the case of an extended stay, it was especially comforting to be able to access images of my cat in real time through an application installed on the mobile phone. More than a hotel for cats, Gataia has become a second family